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We have taken pride in assisting people
to manage their debt for over 15 years.

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Our goal is to help clients get their life back on track with comprehensive debt management solutions and pave the way for the betterment of their financial situation in the future. 

We envision being known as the number one company for loan modification and loss mitigation services. Our team aims to deliver world-class debt management solutions to everyone in need.

Customer Focused

We see every contact with you as an opportunity to exceed expectations by delivering highly professional services.

Performance Driven

We measure our performance periodically
to identify what we do well and where we can do better.

Our Services

Loan Modification

At Strong Jacob & Associates, we have the expertise to provide reliable loan medication service so our clients can easily pay the installments for their loans. We can assist you in gathering all the required documents and make the entire process much easier for you.

Loss Mitigation

Strong Jacob & Associates is a leading debt management service that also assists clients with loss mitigation. We offer comprehensive loss mitigation services ranging from a basic document process to more complex functions requiring detailed analysis. With years of experience, we ensure that we provide our customers with practical solutions pertaining to all aspects of loss mitigation services.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Our skilled settlement coordinators can negotiate with your creditors and provide you with all the help you need to avoid bankruptcy. Depending upon the situation, we can assist you in potential alternatives such as debt consolidation, debt settlement, or debt negotiation.

Debt Settlement

We have the experts and the will to design an individualized debt repayment plan that takes your unique needs into consideration. Our debt managers promise to listen, understand, and be there with them through every step of the journey.

Debt Management

Here at Strong Jacob & Associates, we have assisted clients in managing their debt for over 15 years and have an unrivaled understanding of the trends and dynamics of the market. Our team can help you get out of debt quickly without going through bankruptcy. We can work with you to identify all of your debts and create a manageable budget.

Liens/Judgment Settlements

We can assist if you are worried that a lien has been placed on your home. We know how to potentially settle the debt or fight the lien if it’s invalid. Our team has helped many clients in settling liens and kept them away from such worry; they can also do it for you.

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Our certified debt management professionals are ready to help you
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    Our Steps And Process



    We happily guide you through the debt management process in the initial consultation.



    We assess your current financial situation and create a debt management plan accordingly.



    Once everything goes as planned, you start making your new, more manageable monthly payments.



    We ask you to send us documents and details to help our team work on your debt management plan.



    Our team then negotiates with your creditors in an attempt to freeze charges, interest and also settle on a repayment amount.



    You have taken a successful step towards financial freedom by gaining control of your debt.

    Debt Experts, Ready To Help


    Your data is kept confidential. None of your information is shared with any third party.


    We love helping people with their mortgage issues because we have been there. We take pride in our expertise and professionalism.


    We are passionate about assisting people in their time of need. Expect to be treated with kindness and compassion.

    What Our Clients Say